BlingBoard FAQ

I installed BlingBoard on an ICS running device and i cant see the widget on the widgets list
Please restart the Launcher Application or reboot the device
The SMS tab is gray and cannot be selected
SMS messages received prior to BlingBoard installation cannot be displayed, only new SMS messages will be shown
The Missed Calls tab is gray and cannot be selected
Only new Missed Calls will be displayed on BlingBoard, if there are no missed calls, or you cleard the missed calls tab, the tab will be disabled
What does the clear button do?
The clear button (bottom right corner) is used to clear the items from the current selected tab.
NOTE: This action only affects the BlingBoard widget and DOES NOT AFFECT any other application.
The minimum auto refresh interval is 30 minutes, Why are there no shorter refresh interval?
Due to power consumtion reasons. Shorter intervals will decrease battery life considerably